Richard Sherman

Until this week, I did not know who Richard Sherman was.  Sure, I like to watch football most weekends, and can really get into it sometimes, but I don’t follow all the players, and I don’t know all the stats.  The Seahawks have really never been a team I cared about. My husband, however, is a San Francisco fan, so I was watching as their hopes died due to a brilliant play by Richard Sherman.  Still, I probably never would have known his name if it weren’t for a reporter sticking her mic in his face and asking him to describe that play.

If you are with me so far, you probably know what happened then.  He ranted about Crabtree (another name I’d never have known otherwise), and he was loud, and he was angry AND HE DIDN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION.  It was shocking, startling, and really, a little bit funny.  It was something I had never seen happen after a game before.

I had all but forgotten the incident when my Facebook started lighting up with stuff about Richard Sherman.  The first thing I read was a blog post about the incident, which had somehow become about race.  To me, that was shocking and surprising.  Race had not entered my mind at the time, but people had apparently been tweeting and talking about it in racist terms.  Honestly I don’t think it should have been about race, I don’t think that should have entered the debate in any way.  Richard Sherman is just himself, Richard Sherman.  He is not the ambassador of his race, and really should never be made to feel that he is.