Memorial Day

Today is another patriotic holiday, and my Facebook newsfeed is full of posts about it.  Some are respectful and post about those who have fallen in war; some are respectful but don’t quite understand what the day is about; a lot post about the food they are making and the fun they are having.  None of those really bother me, but what does are the lifestyle ones.  You may know the ones I mean; always from someone who makes more than any general ever has, thanking those who served for protecting their lifestyle.  They make me angry; nobody has ever gone off to war so you can own a pool or buy $10-a-pound hotdogs (both taken from actual FB feeds).

The men and women who have fought are protecting aspects of your lifestyle, and a byproduct of that may be that you have wealth.  Patriotic holidays are not the time to show off your wealth and to talk about it; this is a day to remember that those who died protected your freedoms.  Post a photo of you with your best friends who enjoy freedom of association.  Post a video of your friends talking bad about a government official without fear of recrimination.  Post your gun collection, a woman you love with a proudly worn “I Voted” sticker, your favorite place of worship or even the absence of such.  Those are elements of your lifestyle that men and women have died for.  Your pool is not.